Enid Blyton Big ears egg cups


Enid Blyton Big ears egg cups

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Enid Blyton Big ears egg cups.   Two collectable, boxed, Enid Blyton “Big Ears” Egg Cups. The boxes are in worn condition.

 The egg cups are plastic and marked “Made in Hong Kong”. Both are in good condition. One of the egg cups is missing its red felt hat egg cosy.

 Measurements: 8,5 cm high and 6,5cm (ear to ear)   VALUE: R200,00 and R120,00 (missing egg cosy)

a Charming addition to breakfast tables, delighting children and adults alike with their whimsical design. Each egg cup featured the beloved character from Blyton’s stories, with his distinctive ears standing proudly. They brought a sense of nostalgia and joy to mornings, making even the simplest meal feel like a magical adventure. Collectors cherished these egg cups not just for their functionality, but for the memories they evoked of enchanting tales and timeless friendships.