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Services of the Overstrand Hospice


Palliative Care is about the total care of a person diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. The approach is thus patient-centred and tailored to meet the complex needs of each patient and their family or those caring for them. Our professional Nurses are all qualified in Palliative Care. The nurses work in close co-operation with the patient’s doctor, local hospitals and other health service providers involved in the care of each patient.

Our Social Worker supports the patient and their family with their social and emotional needs which includes counselling (and bereavement counselling), information sharing and family meetings. If requested by the patient, the Social Worker will engage the support of volunteer Companions. The Patient Care staff is assisted by a Patient Care Administrator.

When required, we assist with arranging Respite Care for families and patients at local care centres, subject to individual need and availability.

Inter-Disciplinary Team (IDT)

The Interdisciplinary Team consists of our Nursing Staff, the Social Worker, Doctors, Specialist and a volunteer Psychologist. The team meets weekly to discuss the patient’s care and treatment. These include new referrals and patients who have died. In the case of the latter a review is undertaken of the care provided to the patient and family and whether it was in line with our clinical and psychosocial standards of care. At these meetings any changes that will help improve the quality of life and well-being of our current patients are formulated and implemented, and the care plans are adjusted accordingly. This weekly monitoring also helps to ensure that we provide and maintain a high standard of care.

In this complex context of illness and death, this professional, consultative process also helps to create an opportunity for mutual support among the team members who carry the major burden of care, while ensuring the best possible care for each patient.

Family Guidelines

Overstrand Hospice has developed a useful Information Pack which helps to prepare families for the practical requirements before and after the death of a loved one. The pack includes a questionnaire or tick list that can be used as a guide to help ensure all the necessary documentation and information is in place before and after death.
It enables family members to gather, and have access to important relevant details needed to sort out the patient’s affairs. These details include information such as whether there is a will, the executorship, where the will is lodged, pin numbers for various accounts and banking details.

These Information Packs can be obtained at our offices, in Hope Street, at R30 a pack to cover the cost of printing.