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Organisational Structure and Management Procedures

Transparency, ethics and the ability to demonstrate to its donors responsible and sound governance are paramount in the running of a non-profit organisation.

Overstrand Hospice is governed by a Board of Directors, which meets bi-monthly.
The board is responsible for policy approval, strategic direction and the overall financial health of the organisation. Board members are not remunerated and are nominated and selected for their business or professional expertise and for their commitment. Many are retired professionals (lawyers, accountants, businessmen and women, and community leaders) who have the time and the skills, passion and vision, all of which have contributed significantly to the stability and sustainability of Overstrand Hospice. Board Members are allocated relevant portfolios to help ensure the staff has the capacity and resources to meet operational requirements.

We have several permanent employees. These include a General Manager, four Professional Nurses, a Social Worker, an Office Administrator, the 600 Club Administrator, a Trusts & Legacy Developer, a Fundraiser, a Patient Care Administrator, a Shop Manager, and two Shop Assistants, a Point of Sales Cashier and a Volunteer Coordinator.
Many of our operations are supported by Volunteers and hourly-paid Relief Staff

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