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The care we offer

Hospice specialises in Palliative Care for patients with a life-threatening disease.

These include:

  • Cancer
  • HIV/Aids (end stage)
  • End-stage organ failure
  • End-stage emphysema
  • End-stage Neurological Diseases

The Hospice Service is predominantly home-based and most patients are seen in their homes. Patient visits are planned in accordance with the needs and requirements of the patient and family.

Our interdisciplinary team, consisting of professional Nursing Sisters trained in Palliative Care, a Medical Consultant, three retired Volunteer Doctors, and a Social Worker, offers clinical, social, emotional and spiritual support to the patient and family members.

We assist with pain and symptom-control in close consultation with the patient’s physician, as well as provide psychosocial care (social, emotional and spiritual) to the family and carers. Care plans are discussed and reviewed at weekly Interdisciplinary team meetings and adjusted in accordance with the changing needs of the patient and family.

Should a patient require long-term nursing care that cannot be provided at home, Hospice will assist the family to make the necessary arrangements with a suitable frail care facility.

Psychosocial Services

Our services include individual counselling, family meetings and clinical support groups. Bereavement support is offered to family members after the death of a patient for up to thirteen months if needed. A remembrance ceremony is held annually providing the opportunity for families to reflect on, and to remember their loved ones.

Medication and equipment

It is important to note that Overstrand Hospice cannot provide medication. Patients need to provide their own medication from their referring doctor. Medical equipment such as urinals, bedpans, special mattresses and wheelchairs is on loan when available.