Beautiful Ngwenya glass bird


Ngwenya glass bird.

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Ngwenya glass bird.  Pre owned in good condition. Value R350

Ngwenya is an Nguni surname meaning “crocodile”.

In perfect condition with no chips or scratches. It still has its label “Handmade Ngwenya Glass – Kingdom of Swaziland.

A glassblowing factory called Swazi Glass Craft trading as Ngwenya Glass was set up as a Swedish Aid Project in 1979.

The Swedes imported all the machinery and equipment, built the original factory.

They employed and trained Swazi’s in the age-old art of glassblowing.

Each piece is made with recycled glass, showcasing sustainability and craftsmanship.

These bird figurines are not only decorative but also symbolize freedom, nature, and beauty.

They make unique and meaningful additions to any home decor or collection.

 The picture below is a replica of ours but ours has a lime green, yellow and black design.

 Measurements : 12cm tail to tip of beak 10cm top of head to base