Egg Shaped Paperweights


Egg Shaped Paperweights

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Egg Shaped Paperweights- Pre Owned.

An egg-shaped paperweight is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Here are some design ideas to consider the paperweight can be made from a variety of materials, including glass, crystal, marble, or even wood. Color_The paperweight can be transparent, frosted, or colored. Consider incorporating a color scheme that matches your office or home décor. Texture_The surface of the paperweight can be smooth, etched, or even textured. A textured surface can add visual interest and dimension to the design. Size_ The size of the paperweight can vary depending on the intended use and personal preference. Consider a size that is easy to handle but not too small as to be easily misplaced. Shape_While an egg shape is classic, variations in the shape can add a unique touch to the design. Consider incorporating asymmetrical or abstract shapes. Personalization_Customization options such as adding a monogram or engraving can make the paperweight a meaningful gift or a cherished personal possession.

Lovely hand-blown egg-shaped paperweight with five clear bubbles interspersed in the white and green twirls. In good condition with no visible chips or marks on the glass.

Diameter 6cm Height 7.5cm.  VALUE: R180.00.  Diameter 3cm Height 2.75cm Value R120