Rare Leonardo Argenti Blindfolded goddess


Leonardo Argenti Blindfolded goddess. pre owned in perfect condition.

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Leonardo Argenti Blindfolded goddess. Pre owned in perfect condition. value approximately R1 200

Blindfolded goddess by Leonardo Argenti

Made in Italy by Leonardo Argenti  and part of his  Smorfietta collection

It is  made of silver resin and is silver in color.  It has the original label underneath. 

It is in perfect condition with no dents or scratches.  

Size 7.5cm high x 5cm wide

Leonardo Argenti’s “Blindfolded Goddess” is a stunning work of art that captures the beauty and mystery of the feminine form.

The blindfold adds an element of intrigue and invites the viewer to contemplate the subject’s thoughts and emotions.

The piece is masterfully executed, with intricate details and a sense of movement that brings the goddess to life.

It would make a captivating addition to any art collection or interior design project, adding depth and personality to the space.