Overstrand hospice response to national lockdown

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Overstrand hospice response to national lockdown

Overstrand Hospice’s No end to Caring during Lockdown!

The safety and protection of our patients and families is of paramount importance to us. We remain committed to maintaining a high standard of care, while prioritising those of you who are experiencing severe or uncontrolled pain and other symptoms.
All new referrals will be attended to telephonically and support measures put in place to attend to our new patients’ needs.
We take into consideration that our patients are immuno-compromised, therefore will limit our visits to homes unless requested by you or a family member, or if a change in your condition requires further treatment or interventions.
Further inquiries may be addressed to Sr Esme Potgieter, Patient Care Manager, 082 200 4233, or Fran Tong, General Manager, 071 670 1618.

 Special Notice Overstrand Hospice Shop

In accordance with the health measures outlined by the President last night we have decided that our Hospice shop in Hermanus will be closed with immediate effect. We understand that our shop is an essential part of many people’s lives and we fully appreciate that the closure will have an impact on our loyal customers and the public who donate their goods so generously.

It is very important to note that:

1. The closure referred to is the shop and offices. Our palliative care service to our patients will continue and we will offer the high level of care and support to patients and families over this trying time.

2. We rely heavily on the shop income for our financial sustainability. The implication of the loss of income over this period unfortunately will have a huge impact on our budget for this year.
3. We continue to offer our free services to the Overstrand community and to those patients who meet our admissions’ criteria.
4. We appreciate this is a tough economic time for everyone but for those of you who are able to support us financially, any contributions will be very gratefully received.
We have no doubt we will get through this time of anxiety and uncertainty. We are all in this together, and we are provided with a unique opportunity to look out for and support each other.

We thank you for your continued support and understanding.
John Ross-Smith
Overstrand Hospice Chairperson.


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