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Onyx Balls


Vintage Onyx Balls

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Vintage Pre owned large Onyx sphere 4.75″ polished stone ball 5.7 lb huge display stone sphere, mens office decor, natural chartreuse green onyx

Value £137.37 approximately R3 168,81

Materials: huge onyx sphere, large green onyx sphere, natural stone ball, onyx sphere

This extra large onyx sphere has a beautiful mix of translucent green with white / cream bands, burnt orange and terra cotta brown, with some dendritic patterns! The natural stone ball measures 4 3/4″, weighs 5 lb. 11.8 oz., and has a nice polished finish. 

These large spheres are very valuable and are worth R2500.  Each perfect condition and very Beautiful.  Large sphere R1200 and smaller one for R600, both for R1600.