No end to caring

The onset of CORONA Virus has heightened our awareness of the plight of people diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, and the numerous challenges patients and their  families are having to deal with on a daily basis. These may include loss of income, loss of future and loved ones, fear of dying alone, in isolation, or fear of dying unsupported and in pain.


cynthia and patientPeople living with cancer and other life-threatening conditions are at a higher risk of infection. For them the stress and anxiety during the lockdown period is even greater than for those that are healthy and isolated.

During the lockdown our Homecare Sisters and Social Worker are still fully supporting patients and their families. Although visits are limited, where necessary, patients are visited in their homes whilst taking all necessary precautions.

The support, care and comfort in pain and symptom relief that our Palliative Care Nursing team provides to patients in their own homes, is more urgent and important than ever during this time of anxiety and uncertainty.

Image: Sister Wilma Barnes attends to a patient’s wound

cynthia and patientAs an NGO, Overstrand Hospice relies heavily on the income derived from our Hospice shop for our financial sustainability. The implication of the loss of income from the shop during lockdown will have a huge financial impact on us. With the pandemic, we also need to fund additional items such as protective clothing, masks, gloves, and sanitisers.

Image Right: Sister Cynthia Stemmett visits a patient

We want to appeal to your generosity to make a monetary donation to Overstrand Hospice during this very challenging period for all of us.

Please send your gift of comfort and care.

-There are many ways to Get Involved as there is no end to caring.
-Join the 600 Club
-All donations help to continue caring for terminally ill people


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