Beautiful Chinese Porcelain Hand-painted bowl


Chinese Porcelain Hand-painted bowl.

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Chinese Porcelain Hand-painted bowl.
The bowl is pre owned and in excellent condition. No cracks or chips. Dimensions:11cm high x 20cm across.
This beautiful hand-painted bowl has a floral design.

It is bell shaped and has hand painted gold rims on the rim and base of the bowl. The stamp on the base is blurred which makes it difficult to date the bowl.

How Chinese porcelain is painted:
Typically the body is first fired in a kiln to convert it into a hard porous biscuit or bisque.

Underglaze decoration may then be applied, followed by glaze, which is fired so it bonds to the body.

The glazed porcelain may then be painted with overglaze decoration and fired again to bond the paint with the glaze.