How is the Overstrand Hospice Funded ?


Overstrand Hospice does not charge for it's services to patients and is fully self-funding.

Fundraising for the Overstrand Hospice is a very difficult task. The Overstrand area has no large corporations or industries and hence there is no opportunity to source funding from large 'social responsibility' budgets.

Most businesses in this area are tourist or building industry based. They are overwhelmed by approaches from the myriad of charities in the Overstrand that rely on donations. Many of the funds, trusts and organisations in Cape Town, that donate to palliative care organisations, restrict their funding to the Cape Town metropolitan area, which therefore excludes the Overstrand. Countrywide, many corporations and large businesses have policies to give their funding either to organisatons in their immediate locality or to those offering services throughout South Africa.

We firmly believe that our community must do everything possible to help itself and, while local support is amazing, we have to guard against 'donor fatigue'. Overstrand Hospice tries to extend appeals to people who holiday here in the Overstrand; both South Africans and our 'Swallows' (part-time residents from overseas). Supporting the Hospice is a wonderful way for these folk who enjoy coming here to show their love for this very special place!

Local fund-raising events, while building up community awareness and involvement, cannot sustain the Overstrand Hospice. We rely on our Hospice Shop and 600 Club for regular income, but each year we still need to raise in excess of R0,5 million from trusts, corporations and other institutions which support the hospice movement.

The National Lottery Fund (Lotto) commenced their support for us in 2010 and we are hopeful that this support will continue. In the past they have been a major funder. Your support for Lotto means support for Hospice! (see Sponsors page for contact details)

Several Trust Funds have given us wonderful support on an ongoing basis.

The ideal situation would be for our donors to commit to a '5 year plan' of donations and to consider the possibility of leaving a bequest to Overstrand Hospice. Such forward commitment will enable us to plan the future of our Hospice more effectively.

Information regarding the tax relief on donations and bequests can be found on the Bequests information page.