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The Bridge Drive

Thank you to everyone involved in the Bridge Drive

the players, volunteers and organisers
all your support, hard work and help are really appreciated



The Quiz Evening

20th November 2015

at 6.30pm
in the Municipal Auditorium

Cost of R200 per head includes Dinner and Wine

There are prizes for the winning team

an auction

and a lucky draw

for further information please contact Suzette
on 028 312 4679



"Snowballing" Coffee Mornings


                              Invite friends to an informal tea or coffee morning or afternoon at your home 

                 Charge a minimum of R20 per person and provide a warming cup of tea or coffee and a snack                       And… if you wish to do a little more
  ask your guests to bring their donations and have a sales table
Or… choose whatever you decide might bring more funds into the Hospice coffers

   THEN invite these friends to do the same - hence the snowball effect.

Invitations can be collected at the Hospice Offices, 10 Hope Street
                              or at the Hospice Shop
Information regarding Overstrand Hospice will be provided by Hospice

         If you are keen to participate in this fundraiser event,
                                                    please contact either Suzette on 028‑312‑4679 
                                                                   or Jenny on 060‑763‑1108
                                                                        for more information

                 A snowball gets bigger & bigger & bigger as it rolls down the hill .....
                               with your help we can make it “snow” for Hospice



Our Annual Golf Day

Sunday 13th March 2016

at the Hermanus Golf Club

for further information please contact Suzette
on 028 312 4679