What is Day Hospice?

'You give little when you give of your possessions.
It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.'
                                                              Kahil Gibran

Day Hospice is by no means a gloomy affair.
It is a time to get together with friends, share special moments and build relationships.
Volunteers involved in running Day Hospice look forward to these mornings as much as the patients do!

Patients who have been referred to Hospice and are in remission, and those well enough to have an outing, are encouraged to attend Day Hospice.
They are also encouraged to bring a family member, spouse, partner or a close friend with them.
Tea with lots of tasty treats made by Hospice volunteers is always served at Day Hospice.
Sometimes activities are organized, such as demonstrations, bingo, a music morning where patients relax and listened to music and a morning listening to readings - both light hearted and serious.
Informal gatherings are also held where people sit around chatting amongst themselves and getting to know one another.
Being in an environment such as this enables patients to be with others who are facing a struggle just as they are.
This is often therapeutic and can help them in coming to terms with their illness.
Patients may also take an active part in the proceedings - a patient spoke most beautifully about LIFE and how he came to terms with his illness.

Day Hospice is also very helpful for the volunteers.
Visits to patients at home become so much easier for these volunteers when they already know the patient and their family.  
For the patient and their family, the volunteer visiting is a friend, not a complete stranger. 
Usually one or both of the Professional Nurses attend each gathering.
Many of the patients present at Day Hospice are in remission, so do not need regular visits by the nurses.
Day Hospice provides them with an opportunity to have a chat with a nurse in one of the private rooms,
or on occasion to have an examination by one of our volunteer doctors. 


1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month
at our offices 10 Hope Street, Hermanus
Day Hospice is also held monthly in
Kleinmond, Gansbaai & Pearly Beach
(please contact the office for more information regarding dates & venues)


What can your role be?

Day Hospice Volunteers are needed to assist in many ways and a nursing background is NOT required.

Transporting patients - often patients do not have their own transport or are not well enough to drive themselves

Organising and running the tea -  you do not have to be a pastry chef to make a few sandwiches or to bake scones or cake!
Each week there are always 2 volunteers on tea duty

Suggesting or organising activities – remember these patients are terminal. 
Interesting or fun activities to help take their minds off their illness, even for just a short time, are so beneficial.

Co-ordinating the gathering - the day before two volunteers are given a list by the sisters of patients who are well enough to attend the following day.
Each of the patients is then contacted and those needing transport etc. are identified and arrangements made for the following day.

To find out more please contact the Hospice Offices at  0283124679

Speak to the Administrative Secretary or the Volunteer Coordinator